" As a company that contributes to the sustainable success of its customers, Perkon builds the future together with its customers, business partners, employees, investors and all stakeholders. It creates value for its customers with passion and agility in collaboration. "

Perkon was founded in 1996 

Entering the business in 1996 with innovative OT / VT solutions, Perkon is Turkey's opinion leader in the OT / VT. With the solutions, services and innovations it has produced, Perkon has become the innovative leader of the OT/VT sector in Turkey.

Perkon, Turkey's only internationally partnered OT / VT brand, has been operating as the leading company of the industry since its establishment in 1996. Perkon offers OT/VT solutions for companies of different scales, from micro enterprises to large corporate enterprises. Increasing innovation and creativity in its products and services, the company has been accompanying the growth journey of hundreds of companies to date, forming the foundations of sustainable success.

Since its establishment, Perkon has become the innovative leader of the OT/VT industry with the innovations of the products, services and business processes, and the added value it has created in digital transformation. By investing in different technologies, Perkon has made great breakthroughs and income increases in recent years due to organic and inorganic growth. Embracing a fair and atransparent management approach, Perkon is the industry's first and only multinational partnership company.


“We are writing the future together. ”


“ We create value for our customers with passion and agility in collaboration. ”

Work ethic

Perkon believes in the principles of market economy and acts in accordance with these principles. It attaches importance to being honest, accurate, open and consistent with its customers, business partners and competitors, and observes the compliance of all its works with the law, general business ethics and principles.


Perkon focuses on increasing productivity in customers' businesses with the products and services it offers. Considering the unique structure of each sector and each enterprise and modern management techniques, it offers the necessary information tools, equipment and services for enterprises to be more productive and more profitable.

Customer happiness

The unconditional happiness of its customers is of paramount importance to Perkon. Therefore, it cares about the high quality of the products and services it produces. Embracing the "Total Quality Management" as a management philosophy, Perkon maintains a close and warm relationship with its customers by considering the preferences of the market and standards in the determination of policies.
Employee wellbeing

Perkon believes that quality products and services can be managed by qualified and happy people. Therefore, it attaches importance to the continuous training of its employees. By providing a good income level, quality work environment, worker health and safety as well as participatory management; it aims to make its employees happy, productive and beneficial individuals for the society.
Research and Development

Perkon believes that effective research and development is the key element of competitiveness in today's fast-changing environment. It allocates resources to research and development to create new products, make existing products more capable, or adapt to changing technologies and platforms in order to better serve its customers.

* NBK Capital Partners, which invested mezzanine in Perkon in 2016, became the controlling shareholder of the company in 2018. NBK Capital Partners, is a member of the National Bank of Kuwait, (one of the largest commercial banks in the Middle East) and has made private equity and mezzanine investments in Turkey since 2007. The private equity and mezzanine loan investments in the Middle East, Egypt, Morocco and Turkey, have exceeded 1.2 Billion USD. NBK established its Istanbul office in 2006 and has made 10 of 35 investments in Turkey so far.