" Perkon, which has been leading the industry for 25 years, works to improve the experience of both its customers and everyone in its ecosystem. We aim to maintain our leadership in corporate solutions by increasing innovation and creativity. "

Dear Business Partners and Valuable Employees;

Our company, which started in 1996, continues to create added value ro our country's economy with the devoted efforts of all its employees, with the financial power of NBK Capital and raises the bar higher, taking strength from its deep-rooted past.

Turkey and the world are leaving behind a difficult year, 2019 when the effects of trade wars, Brexit and tensions in different geographies were felt all over the world and also in our country with the problems in our region and the economy dominated the agenda; The year 2020 took its place in history as the most difficult year of all time in economic and social terms due to the unexpected COVID-19 epidemic.

We, as Perkon, continued to work in line with our strategic roadmap that we created with our long-term perspective in 2020. Our company continued to have a sustainable growth with a long-term strategic perspective and closed 2020 with a 40% growth. In 2020, we embraced our vision of “We are writing the future together” and we completed the year with many successes with our goal-oriented working discipline.

With the ideas, efforts and products of our valuable employees and stakeholders, our common mind is getting enriched. Our company continues to grow. In 2021, we will again understand the requirements of the period we are in, take foresighted and cautious steps and dedicate ourselves to our work. We will continue to offer innovative products and services, develop ideas and projects, and expand our investments, in the light of our values ​​that hold us together, enable us to look in the same direction and distinguish us from others. We will continue to create value with the awareness of our responsibility towards our people, our society and our world.

We would like to express our gratitude to our employees, business partners and customers who have supported our success in 2020 operating cycle which has witnessed a challenging conjuncture in every sense. We wish to experience the pleasure and happiness of greater achievements together in the coming period,

Best regards,

Perkon Leadership Team